Banyuwangi is the east-most city in Java, this is where the sun first rises in the morning throwing its welcoming rays over Java. This lush green island is densely populated. Banyuwangi Regency extends over an area of 5,800 square km, comprising the southern beaches brushed by the Indian Ocean, to the impressive Mt Raung that stands at 3,282 meters and Mt Merapi at 2,800 meters above sea level.

Mountain climbers can hike up from Banyuwangi to the stunning Ijen Crater and be amazed by its legendary blue flames that spring out among the yellow sulphurs rocks, which are cut and gathered manually by traditional miners. However, if you are planning to witness the magnificence of the blue fire, it is advised to not carry or wear any silver jewellery as the high amount of sulphur is going to tarnish it.

Dialoog Banyuwangi Beach
Kaliklatak - Banyuwangi,  
5 Stars
Jiwa Jawa Ijen Aerial
Ijen - Banyuwangi,  
Ijen - Banyuwangi,  
3 Stars