Islands of Moluccas

This group of islands is located between Sulawesi and West-Papua, and in the Dutch era, the Moluccas were known as the Spice Islands and were the only place on earth where nutmeg, mace, cloves and several other valuable spices were grown. The over 632 islands are sprawled across a vast expanse of ocean Maluku and are blessed with incredible sea gardens, tropical beaches and rugged, forest-coated volcanic mountains.
Ambon is the preferred gateway for tourists, and its airport is served by direct flights from Makassar or Surabaya. The city is the provincial capital and built on a hillside overlooking the bay. It has a number of interesting historical and cultural sites, among the remnants of forts built the Dutch East Indies Company during the heyday of the spice trade. A typical itinerary takes travelers by speedboat to Saparua Island with its busy town markets and Duursted Fort from Dutch colonial times, with its worth to see museum. Excursions to several nearby villages allow you to experience the simplistic rural life and daily routines of the locals, such as sago -processing and cooking.

Maluku Luxury Tours

LuxeIndonesia offering an exclusive private luxury Maluku island tour for the most discerning luxury traveler and enjoy private diving or snorkeling excursions and island touring by private boat. Many animistic rituals and age-old beliefs have survived in secluded communities on the islands. In Waai village, people worship holy eels. Local handicraft is famous all over Indonesia, and visiting the workshops for pottery, weaving, spice- and mother of pearl-processing are always fascinating to watch. The concourse of roundtrips usually includes enough time to enjoy the many white sandy beaches or great swimming and snorkeling.

Discover Spices Island: Ambon Banda Neira
Duration: 7 Days
  • Ambon city tour
  • Banda island
  • Ay island historical places
  • Snorkeling activity
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Discover Maluku Kei Island
Duration: 8 Days
  • Larvur Ngabal Tour
  • Ngurbloat Beach Tour
  • Great Kei Tour
  • Banda Ely – Kei
  • Ambon Tour
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Explore Maluku; Spices Island and Ora Beach
Duration: 5 Days
  • Seram – Ora Beach
  • Ora Beach Snorkeling
  • Ora Beach Trekking
  • Masohi
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Preferred Hotels

Whether you’re looking for a city-centred hotel, a relaxing beachside getaway or anything in between, we’ve found the very best accommodation to suit your needs and included them in our list of preferred Maluku hotels.

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